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@SNeacail--I like the card idea. I know that she spends a ridiculous amount of time picking Valentine's cards because they have to say the right thing. (I'm feeling smug because I already went against my natural inclination to run away from mush screaming and found one that was simple but said what an amazing woman I think she is.) Cards are going on the list.

@Rarechild--well, I hate feeling helpless, so at the very least, if I don't accomplish anything else, I can build a list of low-cost or no-cost things to do when I/Easy/we want to show Asha some love. It's entirely possible that she just needed some time alone, and I'm willing to give her that. We will work very hard on not giving more than we have--one of the lessons we're working on for ourselves (we both need to learn this) is making priorities and setting reasonable boundaries on our time, energy, and money.
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