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The problem is that I don't think the acts of service are being seen as gifts. Easy makes breakfast for everyone every Sunday--when we're there. We don't all live together, so household chores are more something we do when we're there. :/ I will get everyone to sit down and talk, but the soonest that we can do it is tomorrow evening, and I'm feeling like Asha doesn't feel valued at the moment, and I'd like to do something to alleviate that sooner than tomorrow.

I like the massage idea, though. Easy is good at giving massages, and it's something he can do. And now that I think about it, they haven't had an awful lot of dedicated time together lately--it's all been family time.

Coffee is Sunday's realm, and thank you for that reminder that it's an act of service that he performs for me as well.

Asha and Sunday live in a different house, 30 miles away, so dinner in a box would be difficult to achieve, in addition to the fact that it would have to be dinner for the entire family. But, I'll put it on the list because Easy might have an idea about what to do in that regard...he likes to cook, and he might have an idea of something he can do just for her that won't leave the rest of her family out.

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