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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
Well there's the toughest part, I think -- the compromising!

Everything below is my opinion and is not meant to be a generalization

Mono poly is an endless struggle of trying to love while trying to be loveable. When we give it hurts us...when we take it hurts us. Mono and Poly give, Mono and Poly take....the cycle continues and until one partner becomes completely ok with the nature of the other or they exist in a constant state of compromise....never fully giving thier heart to mitigate the pain of having it broke. We have a difference in how love works for us; the mono feels and gives more love when it is expressed to them the same way they express it, the poly's love grows as it is expanded to others. When neither is fully able to share love the way they are designed to we end up loving less.

Sometimes it is worth it.

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