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Default Safe:)

Dave, you are safe here. It would be helpful to tell us a little more about what brought you here and what exactly you are looking for so we can get to know you a little better and understand where you're coming from.

(vague interest in "what would take place" with the relationship you are interested in doesn't give us much to chew on, and the people on this forum are truly out to be there for you, listen, teach, etc.)

How about some direct questions.

Are you currently single?
What is your concept of polyamory?
What attracted you to this website?
What is your background regarding relationships(monogamous, swinger, poly, etc)?
Any other info that would help us to understand what you're thinking about?

I look forward to getting to know you and recommend you read as many threads as you have time for to get to know the people, and how this forum works, also clarification on terms and language.

There is also a sticky section in "General Discussions" titled "Personal Summaries" where you can more fully introduce yourself and learn the backgrounds of others.

I got on this site only a couple of months ago and have really learned a lot and enjoyed the perspectives and support offered here.

Again, welcome.
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