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Default Love Language: Gifts

I could use a little bit of brainstorming if anyone is willing. Asha seems to be feeling unloved, to the point where she's pushing us away. The best I can figure, without actually having the ability to see her in person, is that we've not been speaking her love language enough lately, which is gifts. Now, Easy and I are riding that poverty line, and we can't afford a heck of a lot. We typically do a lot of acts of service, and it's not so easy to think of gifts that we can afford with everything else we've got going on. Asha wants to go away for Valentine's weekend, which means we have to save our spare cash to make that happen for us--it's not horribly expensive, we just don't have a lot of extra.

So, if people are willing, can you help me think of some things we can give Asha to make her feel more loved? I can crochet, I can sew (but hate it), I'm going to do some china painting for her but it takes a while to complete (weeks). I'm a little worried that if I make it, though, that she won't feel like Easy loves her, just me. Kudos for me, but I don't want him hurt because I'm crafty and he's not. So, ideas? Please? Anything, even if you think it sounds stupid, might spark an idea in my head. Thank you in advance.
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