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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
What's wrong with raising the veil of ignorance?
There is nothing wrong in raising the veil of ignorance. I can raise my veil, and I trust you and everyone else can raise their own veils. When someone else decides to touch my veil, it angers me because I consider it presumptuous.

Here, you've asked a question, and so I've answered. If people want to share thoughts, experiences, and personal opinions, that's always appreciated. I may hear how someone else lifted their own veil and decide to do the same, or I may decide that I'd rather lift my veil differently. The issue for me is in the presumption that someone else knows better than I do what it is that I need.

... which is why I'll trust that you can figure out anything wrong about your presumptions about "real anarchism," preciselove ;-)
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