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Default My wife's insecurtiy

The other night at work I get a call from my wife. She was in tears. She had called her friend to see if she could hang out with her. The husband answered and said they were at the hospital because she was in labor. My wife called me because she thought the had forgotten about her or didn't want her there (her friend has always wanted her there for her birth). I had to pretty much yell through the phone before she would listen, telling her that even if she was the second thing on their mind, it would be a distant second because the baby would be the first, as it should be.

After work she wanted to go to the hospital to be with her. I work in a kitchen, and bleach and several other chemicals are used to clean the kitchen when closing down. Not wanting those on me or smelling like them if I was going to be around a newborn, I went home to quickly shower and change. When I wasn't at the hospital within 10 minuted of getting off of work, I get a call from my wife. She is furious with me. She said that I forgot about her and don't care about her, and I should stay home, and she hangs up. I have to call her a few times before she answers, and eventually have to yell before she will listen so I can explain.

I get to the hospital and a few hours later the baby is born without problem, and the new parents are very happy.

We get home, and shortly after my wife lays down, she starts writhing in pain. When she gets stressed the muscles in her back tense up. She got herself so stressed that her muscles tightened up to the point where her back was spasming uncontrollably. I held her until she relaxed enough where it stopped, and we both fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Later I asked her why she thought I would forget about her. Her answer was is that she thinks I still hate her and don't love her because of when she was cheating on me. I told her the fact that I stayed and worked things out with her despite all the things she had shows that I love her. She then said she feels that I don't love her like I did before. I told her that I did, and that I even trust her like I did before (both truthful). But she is still insecure.

Suggestions on what I should do?
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