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I think I get all into the romantic DRAMA, the paradox, of giving up EVERYTHING for the one you love.... "All in the name of love...." "What I did for love...." (I think there are hundreds of songs like this!)

Someone once told me I was being selfish for not giving up the other man I loved, for the sake of my husband. Sometimes I felt like staying in my marriage was MORE selfish, because I wasn't giving up my comforts. Is polyamory all about sacrifice??? Or the only answer? I mean, how can you give up one love, for another love? And what about sacrificing your needs -- to LOVE, or to BE LOVED? ("Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you, or are you going back to the one you love? Someone's gonna cry when they learn they've lost you; someone's gonna thank the stars above....") I have a good marriage, my husband adores me, and I love him, but if I could not love this other man, an essential part of me would die. How can that be a good thing?

I thrive on this stuff -- I'm an English Lit major (Even though I can't seem to write intelligently on this forum -- I apologize! ) I guess it's much easier when it's fictional characters, but when it's your own life and you are living this drama, it is really mind-boggling sometimes.

I'm sorry -- am I hijacking? If so, sorry, and HELP!
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