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Originally Posted by angeleyes View Post
Wow. I know *I* sure wouldn't want some man thinking he was going to "fully educate" me so that I could be "converted"... which I guess is why I stick with wimmin :: raised eyebrow ::
What's wrong with raising the veil of ignorance? There's nothing inherently wrong in my mind with growing into something better, but to each their own.

Originally Posted by angeleyes View Post
Maybe before worrying so much about "educating" this womon to whom you are married, an alternative would be to explore *together* what it means to live life in a more natural sense, rather than defaulting to the culture of mainstream society (which seems to be disintegrating, anyway). Be willing to have an open mind *yourself*, and I think you'll be more likely to encourage that kind of thinking. Look into what it meant to live in pre-agrarian foraging society. Eventually y'all will make your way to some of that "Sex at Dawn" stuff that's over on another thread.

I hope that helps =-)
Sounds interesting, I'm somewhat similar in thoughts with you on society.

Though of course in a real anarchist society you'd need some frontman gorilla to protect you as women typically are physically weaker than men and don't present much of a threat deterrence. Without some form of protection service many weaker people would be taken advantage of. But I'm sure you know this and have it all worked out, you just have to convert a man through education.
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