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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
...Converting a mono woman could take a year or two before she is fully educated on it and able to participate.
Wow. I know *I* sure wouldn't want some man thinking he was going to "fully educate" me so that I could be "converted"... which I guess is why I stick with wimmin :: raised eyebrow ::

My thoughts are more along the lines of my partner, greeneyes, although I'll also mention that I'm a little disturbed by her describing me as "at the helm." We did come to a point in the discussion where I felt I did have to say, "look, you don't own me, my body, or my sexuality." But there are some mitigating factors here... First, we are Anarchists, so strongly against "ownership" in a general sense, not just when we want to get our rocks off. Secondly, declaring my sovereignty did *not* mean I immediately went to work on exploring what that meant with other people. Just because I have a "right" to do something does not mean that I stop caring about how my every decision (sexual or not) affects the person who is most important in this world to me =-x

Maybe before worrying so much about "educating" this womon to whom you are married, an alternative would be to explore *together* what it means to live life in a more natural sense, rather than defaulting to the culture of mainstream society (which seems to be disintegrating, anyway). Be willing to have an open mind *yourself*, and I think you'll be more likely to encourage that kind of thinking. Look into what it meant to live in pre-agrarian foraging society. Eventually y'all will make your way to some of that "Sex at Dawn" stuff that's over on another thread.

I hope that helps =-)
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