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As someone who just recently discovered that this amazing poly world even existed, I would like to encourage you by emphasizing that there are so many people out there who have lived our whole lives by the prevailing ideal of monogamy but will still embrace and respect you for your choice. I am biased because I have had poly-leanings for a long time and am just recently realizing what they meant... that it's not because I am immoral, damaged, or desperate. That said, there will always be closed-minded fools out there who won't understand. That doesn't automatically mean they don't care about your welfare. Still, I can see how it would be difficult to discuss this sort of thing with co-workers, not to mention 'the boss'. As for your family, you must have some idea what they will say. Regardless, at some point they will have to adjust to it if they can. Hopefully they will come to accept it.
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