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There's a conversation going on in one of the other threads about commitment to a plan. Plan of action, plan of what to have for supper, what movie to see, when to get together......

That's the one MAJOR thing that drives me bonkers about Possibility and his family! I try to make plans for things like get togethers so we're not doing things on the fly and unprepared. I know that I'm dealing with learning disabilities, ADD & ADHD with his family but when they can't answer a simple message on face book? I can't depend on him to pass on the message since his short term memory is nearly non-existent. I try to communicate with the wife, whom I do like, but she only says something when she knows he's having a bad day & needs a friend to vent to *sigh*.

I've been trying to get an idea of when we can have another family get together. We've got a stat holiday coming up on 21 February which seems like the perfect time to do it since I'll have the time to do some preparation, cooking, planning, etc. & all but Breathes will have the day off. My attempts at communication are falling on deaf ears/blind eyes '. I'll send a message with Breathes tomorrow night, if there's still no response I'll just write it off.

Possibility has been uncentered & out of focus for the last little while. We haven't been able to get much alone time together due to my teens over the holidays and Breathes staying home from his second job two weeks running. We FINALLY got some time on Tuesday night. He got the caning, and catharsis, he's been needing so badly. In his post Wednesday he said he felt ALIVE again! His thought processes, energy, creativity were all back up where they should be. I'm so glad! I don't know how to deal with him when he's slumping. It's a learning process and I'm definitely learning, lol.

We just need to figure out a way to give him that endorphin rush on a lower level. He needs something slow releasing and long term to help keep himself focused on what he needs to focus on. He IS on Adderal which does help, just not to the extent I need it to, lol. As if it's all about me.....He wants to find a way to keep himself on a more even keel as well so we'll just keep searching. Eventually we'll find something that works to the satisfaction of all involved.

Breathes is just as attentive and loving as always although he's needing some alone time badly so I'm thinking I'll do something Sunday so he can do whatever it is he does (probably sleep) to re-center and come out of his own rut.

I think today's coffee meet with new people helped. It was supposed to be for ME to make new friends, unfortunately they're RPG geeks so I ended up sitting there totally out of my element & bored nearly to tears because I SO am not a gamer. Why is it that when I meet new people they're the people who most fit with Breathes?

I'm a geek in my own right but about totally different things. Talk to me about books, my forums, trivia, I'm all ears & can follow along with the conversation. Start talking gaming & my eyes glaze over & I lose all concentration and interest in what's going on around me. I just want to escape into the stratosphere so I can hopefully meet people that I have something in common with *sigh*.

At least these people actually showed for the date AND communicated with me when I asked if it was still on.

I've set up two dates, with the same person, over the last six weeks & she didn't show for either one. She emailed me about getting together & I let her know which nights I wasn't available. Which night did she choose? One of the two I can't. I'm sorry but my kids come first & Wednesday night is OUR night together to catch up with each other, get home work help, talk, spend time together. This was two weeks ago. She still hasn't come back to me with another time.

Several months ago I was supposed to get together with a couple from this forum, at least I assume their still members. We had a date, time and place set but one of them got sick. These things happen so we emailed back and forth and had a location but no date & time. I haven't heard back from them so that didn't happen either.

My track record with meet & greets rather sucks, lol.

I'll keep plugging away but it really would be nice if once, just once, I could meet someone who's reliable AND has something in common with me AND will include me in the conversation if Breathes is along.

Maybe next time I should just make it a one on one date. While I do do one on one first dates I'm much more comfortable having someone else along. My first impressions, especially over something as unreliable & hard to gauge as the written word, aren't always any where near the actuality.
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