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K sounds, in your story, as if she's one of the sort who don't mind "letting" their partner have sex with faraway strangers with whom there will be no ongoing emotional connection, but who must create elaborate obstacles which prevent their partner from forming other loverly bonds. Many couples seem to have worked out a deal which allows for "just sex" -- and that only in other towns, far away (to be sure that no closeness could develop). For one or both members of such couples, it is outside emotional bonding that is verboten. And it is verboten, generally, because of intense insecurity. Such people may one day evolve into beings capable of polyamory, but they aren't there yet.

As long as K and T are together, romantically, you're probably looking at a LOT of drama if you should like to be even so much as a close friend with T. Some folks just LOVE drama, but I find it ... well, boring. Affection and love and joy and peace?--these are not boring at all, not to me.
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