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How is it possible to think that you are being honest when really you aren't? not to doubt you Ari, just wondering how you came to that... you can PM if it is better. thanks.

Also how does one balance between "I don't want to hear about it" and the need to be honest? I am stumped on this... DADT on certain things and not others... does that really work?

Part of all this to me, to do with what has been discussed so far on this thread, is the response one gets when one is honest... if there is not a safe place between two people to be honest, it is near impossible to be that vulnerable. Self protection comes first no?

If I open my heart about something to the point of being radically honest then I expect that my heart will be held by the other like a delicate flower that is made of glass. That is really difficult when the thing spoken about also causes the person to have their own heart coughed up and threatened to be exposed and fall like that same glass flower.

Our hearts are all glass flowers. When speaking to one another its important to remember that and go slowly and gently in speaking and listening. WE hold each others heart. If one or the other partner tips this delicate balance over then the glass hearts fall and trust is broken on either side. no?
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