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Hello, Kinkyshoes.

Quite a story. My two cents- your friend T needs to work this out with her girlfriend to a place where they are satisfied with the terms before you become physically intimate with her if you are to uphold your intentions of being open and honest all around. It sounds to me like it is important to you to do this.

If they have not agreed, then you should stay friends until they do one way or another. If I was you, I'd stay friends while the gf is gone (whom you also described as your friend) and when she gets back all of you can re-evaluate the situation. Respecting their relationship in the interim will show the gf that you are above board and care about her feelings,- that you are not willing to cheat or using T because your own relationship is lacking.

If you do this behind gf's back, it could really blow up in your face- as you said- T may have to choose when gf gets back, and you may be hurt. My computer is about to run out of battery so I'll leave it at that for now. I hope you find the best answer for you.
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