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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I find with the US, they see the whole of the UK as England. Which pisses off the English quite a lot. Including myself. =P I just cannot take people seriously who cannot understand the difference, even after I have explained it to them. =P
We also call facial tissue Kleenex, soft drinks are Coke, recliners are Lazy Boys, etc. I am fully aware that there are 20 brands of facial tissues, but I will still call it Kleenex out of habit.

Not sure how you explain it, but most of us in the US would understand that that England is to California as UK is to the USA.

I won't blame the public school system, because it is taught, people choose to remember what is important to them at the time and similarly ignorant statements come from people all over the world, even those who supposedly have superior education systems.
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