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What was life like? Who can really say.

That said, think about the situation a bit. About every 3 -4 days, it's "hunting and gathering" time. After that day...lots of food! Time to kick back for a few days.

And do what? Ain't got no disco, ain't got no youtube, ain't got no records to play! Maybe there's some kind of makeshift ball to kick around...or not! No possessions of any consequence at all. WHAT IS THERE TO DO?

"Socialize." And...screw.

As a result, humans became the most sexual animal on the planet. And probably as a result (or in synergy with them already having lots of smarts), the most self aware and smartest by far on the planet.

Why wouldn't the men "fight" over the women? I think the answers are (1) no need (no lack of availability, the women were happy to screw, after all they knew everyone and there was probably no inhibition about it at all), and (2) not in the survival interest of the group. You can't hunt well if your best hunters are routinely getting maimed in battle with other hunters.

So they'd socialize, eat a lot, screw a lot and sleep a lot. Until the food got low and it's time to hunt and gather again. Food getting scarce? Time to grab the few hunting and gathering tools and take a hike.

I'm a bit suspicious that the required infanticide to allow the group to migrate around (can't do that with piles of babies and toddlers!) eventually created the pressure to switch to agriculture. Just idle speculation but it would seem there would eventually be anti-infanticide pressure, and the solution would be "don't travel around", leading to agriculture.
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