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Not a whole lot happening in my life... I'm working on a grant application for the research I do at school, and trying to keep up with studying in general. I'm continuing to make more friends, slowly but surely; I'm involved with the club that I went to last semester and applying for a position within it. I feel a bit odd, continuing to post here when it's still just me and Mal in our relationship, but my desire to be poly hasn't gone away. I don't know how it might happen, or when, or how Mal might handle it, or if it would be a triad or a vee, but I know if the opportunity comes up I'm going to take it.

I've still felt that it's better not to tell V about poly. She is a great person in all other aspects, but I'm pretty confident that if I told V it would get to people that I'm not at all ready to tell. Mal is even less comfortable than I am with being open about being poly. So, we're having a lot of fun spending time together, and getting to be closer friends, but I won't tell her about poly unless she directly asks. If she's still staying with us when an opportunity for me to be poly comes along, I might decide to tell her then; I'll have to wait and see.

We don't have a set timeline for how long V can stay, but if she can't get a job in the next month or two she plans to apply to AmeriCorp. She has lots of good experiences and references, and she's been quite diligent about job searching, so I'm not worried.

On another topic, poor Mal is really struggling with school right now. He applied for disability accommodations last semester, and that was a horrible hassle involving a lot of situations that he feels were degrading that started in September and didn't get finished till winter break. This semester was supposed to be a lot easier, where he could just concentrate on actually learning and not have to deal with bureaucratic bullshit. Well, the disabilities center decided to completely revamp how they do accommodations the first week of class, and now he's having to run around dealing with paperwork that he can't read, teachers that are upset about the new regulations (but expect him to handle any problems), and a disabilities office that keeps giving contradictory directions. He's so frustrated with the whole business that he's talked about dropping out of school and starting up again when we move for me to go to grad school, and he's getting more depressed again. I feel pretty bad for him, but there isn't much I can do other than let him talk.
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