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Tks for suport!

Well, today we had a conversation, the 3 of us and i was surprised how R reacts about all of it. I tryed to suport L but i really needed to talk with R about what was happening and how all of this was new for me as it was for her. I told i was jealous about it but that i was trying to be ok with it. So she told me that i was just saying yes for their relashionship because i dont want to loose L. So we talked and i tryed to explain all and she asked me things like: "What will be in christmas, vacations and birthdays? What if she wants to spend vacation time in ours country or asking L to go to her country, how if she wants to cuddle with me around and etc." I really felt like she wanted to be with L and try to be only with her, like a dispute. L doesn't think that is it but i do. R just couldn't handle my honesty and L, for some moments, thought i was being tuff about telling how i was felling and that was what made R give up on L. I'm pretty confuse because the subject i read often here is about how important is to be open and honest. That was exatcly what i was trying to do but L said i was like a topugun shooting. I was not rude in any moment and i was trying to convince R to stay, actually.
Anyway, R said to me that nothing will going to happen after i said to her about how i felt and wanted to deal with it. And that is where i am. I hope i can set up rules with L like no more online attachments, cause i think i will be more confortable if the person can live near us and share our reality on this moment. We r just 6 months living together and we need to settle so many things in our life together yet. And yes, i want to live in polyamory bases but i need to fell that my relationship is strong enought to go on with it.
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