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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
You write again about having been somehow enlightened but do not really add anything new or clear up what is being misunderstood.

Not enlightened, but I've begun to realize what I never did before. The unknown & unmanifested cannot be described. Even if I was to sit in person and explain to you unless you've experienced something close it would be hard. Getting through on the forum... probably tougher.

What I can do is.. make you god damn curious about it that you go looking for it... what you've really been lookin for ... more than everything you think you are looking for

JMartin - Care to lend a hand here ??

To be funny about it (and honestly not meant as a put down) you write in such a way as I spoke in my 20s when first trying ecstasy.

It is. You hit the bullseye. I've never had E, but I figure its like having natural E without the side effects... and you'd probably be unable to describe it to a catholic minister (no disrespect again) or soccer mom or grandma.

If you have experienced some spiritual awakening, then I'm happy for you. I have looked into the eyes of my child and experienced pure love and know I would love him even if he grew up to put a gun to my head. It is unconditional. However, I don't have to accept everything he does as a condition of my love for him. I help to shape his life and his actions and his reactions so that he is prepared for the hardships and relationships and dangers of the world. This doesn't mean I love him less, but in fact I love him more because I happily shoulder the weight of that responsibility. What you SEEM to be talking about is unconditional love meaning unconditional acceptance. And, as I said before, while I think that is a beautiful notion, I don't see it as leading to a lasting love. If you are only talking about love IN THE MOMENT, love that does not last, I have experienced such things as well where there is no thought behind the peace I feel. The beauty of a sunset, the joy of a cool breeze on a hot day, the smile of a baby, the yapping of a puppy.

But that, to me, is not true love. It is simply a passing moment of peace and joy.

// Someday, you will realize otherwise.

Appreciated for no other reason than its existence, but not the essence of love.

// Someday, you will realize otherwise.

When I love someone I want to hold on to them, to keep them but without possessing them. Holding on to love and possessing it are not one and the same. I do not love my child or my husband only in the moment they make me smile and forget them in the next. I love with all my heart all the time, even when they anger and hurt me.

- I never said that you shouldnt love them when they are crying etc.. I gave a comparative 'brings u into the moment of truth' example.

THAT, IMO, is the true measure of love. We may not mean such different things, but I do find you difficult to understand and, so, I can't really tell.
Your context of love is an 'action' & 'verb'. Doing.
The 'love' I talk about is 'your true nature'. There is no doing.

Your love is still defined as action & relationship between 2 separate parties.. the illusion of separation and the notion of 'doing' i.e. taking action.


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