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Yup. Sounds like you might be poly. Congrats on starting the journey.

I would suggest looking into this because its come up over and over again, not because of the woman you see once a week. You seem lost in nre and what could be at the moment and I think it wise to get your ducks in a row before going down that path. This for the sake of your narriage and for this woman.

First off there is the task of telling your wife. That could put a damper on your feel good situation with this woman for awhile. Depending on what she is like, she could become very concerned and emotional. Make sure you are ready for that.

Some sources of info and some knowedge behind you might help. At least in building your confidence that you are okay. Why not start there and give it some time. Or you could tell her right away and do the work together. It depends on how the two of you opporate together really.
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