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Originally Posted by JRiverMartin View Post
Discovering or realizing that love is what we are rather than something we need to get is one of the more essential or basic "mystical" experiences, and I think probably a lot of us in this forum have had that bell ring in their lives at some time or another -- and then we forget, the insight was had but the force of it dropped away. This would seem to be a common enough experience.

Perhaps all we need to do is to practice? That is, we may need to practice being love, rather than striving after getting it? Maybe this is how we can overcome this sense that there just isn't enough love?

Maybe questions are more important than answers? Students more important than teachers?
Ah! I'm glad someone here gets it. For me it started with a Satori and I hoped to find it again and then 2.5 years later the journey began...

I guess polyamory is the more extended search for that True Nature.

Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I haven't been trying to psychoanalyze you or tear you down or prove you wrong.

I know Its not the YOU - ME equation. Its the "analysis" v/s "experience". Can you describe love in words? No. It only means something to another person who has experienced it as well.. and can relate to it.. via the word "love". Hence, I fail to give you logical answers to what I cannot describe, and what I describe foes not fall within your or most peoples and even my former framework of understanding.

Its like talking Quantum Physics to an african tribesman (no dis respect intended).

I have been trying to understand what you are talking about and how you got there. And to do that, I present my feelings and ask you questions.

Yet you do not really respond to what is said coherently, nor answer direct questions with direct answers-from anyone. You instead make assumptions that others are somehow trying to prove you wrong, which we are not.

Unfortunately, not all questions have answers in words. In fact, I had tons of questions and still keep having. What's funny is when the experience happens.. the questions just vanish in thin air.. the mind chatter & doubts & questions.. dissolve... All u have is a feeling..

I respect and commend your efforts & commitment in trying to understand. almost anyone would be unable to give that answer to you in words. When you experience it ... the words will fall short when u begin to explain to others.

Funny thing is which is why.. when I have questions for the Master (or like most people had for their Masters.. ) he never gives a straight answer.. he makes you realize in an experience that is beyond words.

I've mentally complained at him for this.. But I realize

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