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I hate to say it but kind of. She's really great at being caring and kind, but when it comes to the polyamorous aspect of the whole relationship, she just gets worried and chooses to not tell me certain things rather than be upfront. Like to get information about her dates with the other guy, I kind of have to ask when I think she might not be telling me.

We had a discussion and now she knows I want to know when she is seeing him, so we'll see how this pans out. I just feel like she may not take polyamory as a change in perspective that takes a kind of serious approach...I think she feels polyamorous, but hasn't yet shifted her entire stance on what that really entails when forming a relationship.

I sound overly critical, but that is how I see things...I guess I'm willing to play the waiting game and let her change at her own pace.

Sometimes I get feelings that I am in something that isn't for me, but I really like her a lot. I feel terrible to even THINK that thought, but it occurs to me.....could this be a bad sign?
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