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PN and I don't have a rockin sex life right now either. We haven't for awhile really... since before Mono came along. We have had several threesomes and some fun times in the past, but our sex life is more about cuddling and being naked together than anything else... we both get off in the end, but it is not the passion it used to be... its married sex I just put it down to that.

I know what you mean though by the concern. There was a three month period where we had NOTHING> I was terrified. There were some reasons for it however that I can't say here, but ultimately I was a bit scared.

I find that my hormones guide the way and I let nature do its thing. In nature women pick the men they want to make babies with and then gravitate to them until someone more worth making babies with comes along... I am in doubt to this ever being even between two or more men.

Bah, I just let it alone and love him for what we have. Sex in relationships isn't everything. As long as there is closeness in a persons life then the rest comes and goes I figure.

PN has no other lovers at the moment so I am very careful to hug/hold him everyday if nothing else. Its important to be close to someone every day. It sounds like the two of you have other partners at least. That means that you are both being taken care off with closeness. I would bet it comes around at some point.

These are just thoughts. I really have no idea if I am full of shit or not. I look forward to hearing other points of view on this one as I too would like some guidance.
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