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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I'd love to hear what the US, Canada and Australia think about England.
Perceptions Australians hold about England are of course, diverse. Older Australians tend to cling a little to the "mother country" concept and feel our relationship with England adds respectablity to our nation. The royal family are followed and adored by many.

I think some Australians feel our relationship with England links us to a colonial power...even though colonialism is outdated. We are part of the commonwealth - So many Australians have a deeply respectful view of England, and English people, tending to think that we're little naughty kids (convicts!) and England is the sensible and guiding parent.

Younger Australians tend to be a little bit more rebellious, like little kids "Hey, we're grown ups now...we can do it ourself !!"

And they is a republican movement that makes a little bit of noise every now and again.

And then of course - there's the cricket shhhushhh...

But a very general stereotype here would be that the english are sensible, perhaps better behaved that us, perhaps a little pretentious and that probably stems from the fact this country started as a penal colony

...So, potentially we have some inferiority complexes to work through
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