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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Itchy trigger finger. The camaraderie I receive from folks on here causes me to over-share at times. It's certainly not uncommon for members to want to take something back.
I have thought about this too. I share just about everything. The stuff I don't I talk to people outside the forum about. I don't regret a thing. Even the stuff that I say and it has caused drama I don't regret. I figure that I have brought something to light that others will or do struggle with so I ama sacrificial lamb sometimes for others.

I prefer vulnerable people on here though and its what I like about myself too. I do get how sometimes stuff is just too vulnerable because often people hold stuff I said ages ago as my truth now and it isn't. I move on. Also emotions make me say shit in the moment that is left for all eternaty. That sucks sometimes, but I still think its helpful to see my journey and to see where I am now. Somewhere along the line it will help someone.
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