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It sounds like the authors of this book have found very clear ways to express some theories that have actually been around for a while. I am very curious to read the book, even though its focus seems to be only on sexual expression as a reproductive measure and less on the cultural dynamics surrounding the sexual expression (which is what I am more interested in due to the gayness.)
I've read vague theories about how women and men lived relatively separate lives before the implementation of agriculture, and I have my own theories about the beginnings of male supremacist culture and how they relate to the practice of animal husbandry, etc. (I have a degree in Anthropology, which is why I tend to nerd-out and over-intellectualize these things.)

I did a paper once on the sexual culture of bonobos vs. common chimps and compared that with human sexual cultures, mostly to illustrate that among humans, sexuality did a bit of a hairpin-turn from something that was more like what the bonobos do to something more like what the common chimps do, and my opinion on that is that it was largely maladaptive in an evolutionary sense.

Oh, let's face it, this proto-critique is just a ruse; what I really *want* to say is, "what was life like for those bands of women before they were infiltrated by male-biased monogamy? I want details. Juicy ones." ;-)
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