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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Gosh, sometimes I feel like great communication is better than great sex (oh, well, I think of sex as a form of communication, so no wonder I correlate the two).

But really, it's so very satisfying when things fall into place like that and we gain clarity, especially after big misunderstandings. Yay!
I felt pretty satisfied, but you'll have to ask Indigo!

Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
That sounds so similar to the talks going on here. The difference being instead of judging Karma, it appears that I judge everyone else I meet. That's not usualy the case, but it is how it appeared and we are working on the same plan. Clarification goes a long way.

Good luck!
I have noticed my tone far more of late, and have caught myself, especially at work saying things like, "That didn't come out right. Let me try again." In these situations, I don't realize how things could sound until I've already said them. I certainly didn't mean them the wrong way, but there ya go.

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
This is where I'm at also. I find myself asking because I want to understand, but immediately have to explain that I'm not trying to criticize again, I just want to understand. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
I am relieved I'm not the only one with this issue ...
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