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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
hmmmm..I understand you see the FWB ending in mere friendship. But why does that have to end, or is it just in this case?

An FWB...can be something truly intimate and long term. Its range is pretty massive and its meaning can be pretty vague.


As for handling term limited relationships. Well, in my experience. I suck at them. I have a hard time entering into relationships when I can see an end. I end up focusing too much on the end and not having fun. In my case, I can learn,..I have before and I am not, but I am not sure I would care to enter into a term limited relationship.
Well, while I am fairly sure that this particular FWB has an 'end date', it is true that something could change. Also, I have no idea how long this will last - nor any preconceptions on how long. I can see it lasting years or ending relatively soon.

And I am fairly positive that SW and I will still be friends after sexy fun time is over. We have other things in common, mutual friends, overlapping communities, etc.

I am interested in your last comments about finding term limited relationships difficult because you end up focusing on the end and not on the present. I find myself slipping into this - part of my difficulties in remaining present in the moment. It's reassuring that others have experienced this too.
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