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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

As a mono she prefers to simply enjoy her relationship without having to meet anyone else he may be involved with, even though she's accepting of it. She appreciates what she has with him, doesn't ask questions about the gf, and has no need to feel a part of a "network" or other poly configuration. Meeting her partner's gf just makes her feel more of a part of something she doesn't really want to think about.
I would say this is the most likely scenario. Meeting her could change a lot of things in my opinion. Actually embracing a relationship is a lot different than "handling" it or dealing with it.

If she is happy with what she has and everyone is satisfied that there is knowledge of each other and this isn't moving towards something deeper or closer physically, why not just enjoy it and stop pushing the meeting?If they are wanting something closer nit they should be upfront so she can decide if that is something she is even interested in.

She might be purely interested in him and want nothing to do with poly beyond that.

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