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So, three days ago, a friend of ours called up from out of the blue and eventually made his way around to asking about polyamory. He's younger and originally from Latin America, now living in the USA, so he was seeking some advice about making sense of this, particularly in a North American context.

Fast forward to last night, and while a friend was over, both greeneyes and myself ended up mentioning polyamory. Greeneyes does not even remember that she had mentioned it (I could have had a false memory), but it was definitely mentioned by at least me, and without looking to mention it.

On top of this, I went to look at a friend's FB thread where she was talking about looking for work, and the thread had already mentioned polyamory, so I took the opportunity to weigh in with some thoughts.

I don't know where this is going, and I'm trying my best to neither push, nor resist, only to let happen whatever will happen. I feel that the hive mind or community consciousness is pulling me toward something. What it is, I cannot say, but I'm oh so curious...

Actually... now that I think about it, I may have gotten a "clue" where it all heads... greeneyes has been relatively timid towards the idea in general, but last night I had mentioned something from my more sexually crazy 20's that struck a chord, and next thing you know we're discussing a "blackout warehouse party" for 4-5 friends.

The question that lingers is in which friends to approach how. Hmmm.....
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