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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
If me trying to understand him better looks and feels similar to me being a judgey arse, well I know which one I'd choose in his place!

So we sat down and I explained how I felt I had been misunderstood, though I could tell why, and that I need him to be a little more trusting of my intentions because I am trying.

He agreed to ask for clarification when he feels like I'm judging him. This serves two purposes. If I'm not judging him, then we get to carry on like real adults. If I have slipped up and am judging, this gives me the opportunity to check myself and stop.

A productive night, indeed!
That sounds so similar to the talks going on here. The difference being instead of judging Karma, it appears that I judge everyone else I meet. That's not usualy the case, but it is how it appeared and we are working on the same plan. Clarification goes a long way.

Good luck!
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