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Glad to see you guys here! I haven't posted in awhile but I guess I am one of those "unicorns" mentioned... I had no idea I was, though, until I was poking around a dating site basically looking to have my first experience with a woman and fate was kind to me, in the form of a message from a wonderful male/female couple. I figured hey, why not have sex with a guy too, I know I like that and it will make it less awkward than just a girl and my pounding heart. After a few weeks of sex and hanging out and taking trips together, I realized I had feelings for both of them beyond sex, and they admitted they did too. Together ever since. So my point of this mushy story is that the perfect girl DOES come, although she may have never known what she wanted. The best would be to try to find a girl who is down for sex with both of you and actually wants to hang out, not just have drinks and bang. See where chemistry takes you all... Although I am concerned that you speak of a "widening void" between yourself and your husband... Poly triad relationships should only be had when the first (or primary... hate the connotations of that word though) coupling is secure in their relationship. It is a girl's worst nightmare to come into a relationship with a couple expecting lots of love and stability and then having to watch the couple throw proverbial dishes at each other all the time, get so attached to you they want to leave the other, etc... But I trust you are a mature adult, just wanted to put my warning out. No offense meant. I wish you two the best of luck.
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