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A few days ago, Seamus posted pictures of us (about three from September, one from December) on facebook, so his friends could finally know what I look like (we'd been together seven months). Anyways, I thought if he put it on his account it wouldn't be a problem, so I sent the pictures to him (they were taken from my camera so I had them and he didn't).
The problem is, I tagged them without thinking. Now, all of what I'm saying next I heard about yesterday from Raga.
Apparently, tagging myself on the pictures alerted all of the people on my friends list, including Raga's family. His brother's girlfriend apparently reacted very badly and strongly, and contacted Raga, presumably to insult me (he didn't give me details, just that she was furious. I assume not with him).
Raga thought I had done that on purpose to hurt him and was saddened by it.

I didn't do it on purpose at all. I thought only his friends would see it, and if my friends saw it I expected them to talk to me and not go yell at him when he's already stressed out enough as it is. On top of that, after Raga informed me, I noticed that she had taken me off her friends list. So without a word to me, she just decided to be upset with me, not check anything, not tell me a word and remove me from her list. Well I guess I know who not to stay friends with >.>

I talked to Raga's brother saying I was sorry about what happened and that I didn't realise that a) they'd all get the pictures and b) they didn't know about Seamus.
I'm going to live with him and Raga's dad is giving me a lift to the airport. I guess I assumed everybody knew about him by now, be it only because I had spent so much time with him lately, if they didn't learn about him they would assume I had been cheating on Raga.
I didn't get to talk to any of them since breaking up, so I didn't get a chance to explain anything, and I guess I shouldn't have assumed things. Anyways, double stupidity on my part.

Raga's brother was fine and perfectly normal, he was his usual self, so I'm not too worried about that. I'm very annoyed with his gf's attitude though. First, I don't get why she's furious in the first place, it doesn't have much to do with her, it's not like I had sex with her boyfriend or something. Secondly, while I could forgive getting upset over that if she went to me, she didn't and instead went behind my back. And thirdly, as if going behind my back wasn't enough, she also went to bother the one person who really didn't need it.
And then she took me off her list without a word.

I don't get it. I value honesty most of all and I'd never go behind someone's back if I thought bad things about them. And at the very least I'd first ask "hey, what is that about?". I feel like she decided to go against me for no reason and it is very annoying, and then she also stressed out Raga with having to explain what it all was about when he hadn't done anything wrong.

Anyway, pointless drama. I don't get people. It's like they like hating on each other. I feel really hurt. What's more, she's cut all ties with me so it's not like I can even contact her and talk about it.
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