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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
What does not being or wanting to be poly have to do with meeting her? . . . I'm wondering why you tossed that in your post. Your statement that you are mono covered that thoroughly, so why the reinforcement of the idea, especially directly after stating you don't want to meet her?
Oh, I totally get it. I believe what she meant was that, to her, it seems that poly people think of meeting the mates and partners of their SO's as perfectly normal and natural. Doing so, however, is completely out of her reality, even though they have spoken. The idea of it makes her uncomfortable, and she sees no need for it herself -- and therefore she's saying "I don't want to be poly" because she's associating such ease with a meeting like that as a natural part of being poly. And it's funny how many of the people who responded are like, "What's the problem?" -- which kind of illustrates her point (if I've interpreted it correctly).

As a mono she prefers to simply enjoy her relationship without having to meet anyone else he may be involved with, even though she's accepting of it. She appreciates what she has with him, doesn't ask questions about the gf, and has no need to feel a part of a "network" or other poly configuration. Meeting her partner's gf just makes her feel more of a part of something she doesn't really want to think about.

Did I get that right, Bacon? (love the username)
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