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I'm all for partners meeting when there is depth forming and any sense of commitment to multiple relationships but....

I wonder if there is any consideration for the "bursting bubble potential" forcing a meeting might cause. I'm not saying this is the case but if the boat isn't rocking, perhaps it might be better to stay in calm seas.

What happens if a new vision of your reality crashes down when you see her? Is he prepared for the possible negatives of you meeting?

It might be very hard for them both to understand that this could be a negative event for you because perhaps they are caught up in poly-euphoria that won't be shared by a mono person.

What sounds like closeness, fun and exciting to them could be the exact opposite for you. You need to express yourself firmly.

All this being said...are you living in a bubble? I'm not judging..bubbles look really fucking tempting sometimes LOL!

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