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Unhappy Poly couple in texas lonely--are we the only ones???

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I live in Austin, Texas and like many of you, hide our lifestyle from our families. We are so lonely and tired of being alone, but have no idea where to begin to look for that special someone to fill the ever widening void in our marriage. We have no kids and we work alot and are so lonely, mostly because we know nobody like US! We feel like aliens.

He constantly lies to women and says he isn't married because he dosen't want to scare them off, but then when things turn romantic he has to tell them and then it usually dosen't go well. I just avoid the question all together. The women usually just want me and me alone and at that, just for sex, not a relationship, and certainly not a package deal. Any advice or anything would be appreciated!

Thank You! Happy to find this site!
Signed Lonely in Austin.
Taylor T/ aka Amber
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