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Having been outside of the US and interacted with people, I've run into those stereotypes too. A lot of them are true to a point, some not. While trading stereotypes with an Australian man, I mentioned that a lot of folks in the US assume Aussies are all strong handsome burly dudes like Crocodile Dundee. He said that was funny because a lot of Aussies think Americans are all like John Wayne... In the end we thought there were probably worse things to be stereotyped for .

Anyway in all seriousness, we're raised to believe that even with all our problems we're the best place in the world. Of course, (as Lewis Black mentioned in one of his routines), if you haven't been outside the US that can slip from mere proud patriotism to elite isolationism, and we're the new kid on the block, which unfortunately makes us come off as pretentious pricks sometimes. (Not his words: Black used a lot more swearing in his version and I'm trying to cut back).

As has been mentioned above, most of us haven't been outside of the United States and the place is so big you could travel all over the place and meet 1000 different cultures and still not leave the country or primary language. This is where the rest of the world has an advantage, (especially you Europeans). I've been lucky enough to travel and meet citizens from other places and it really opens your mind up to how the world works as a whole. But I always love coming home too. I find that bashing one country over another doesn't really accomplish anything, and only limits other people's abilities to decide for themselves by going and seeing firsthand.

So when you meet one of us in your country out and about, chances are its their *very first* time outside (business travelers rarely get out and do the touristy thing), so take them with a grain of salt. They're out of their element. If you folks come here, you will be well-fed, perfectly safe, (and if you come to Colorado, you can shoot my guns if you want, (we have dedicated ranges with safety officers and everything)). Ultimately we love a good time, however it takes shape.

That said, God bless the USA and everyone else too.
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