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Meh, stereotypes... I could only advise to look at everyone as individuals. I live in Texas. No matter where you live in the states, or abroad, you would probably expect a few stereotypes to apply to me right away. But I don't drive a large gas guzzling vehicle, don't own a single gun, am neither Republican nor Democrat, don't eat at barbecue joints, don't hunt, don't have a Texan accent, etc. I wasn't born in the U.S. but I have lived in the states most of my life. I was born in London, England and have lived in about nine european countries and Mexico, before spending 21 years in California (and a few other states here and there)

Point is, there are all kinds of people from all over the world, and all over this country, all mixed in together wherever you go here. Yes, some people here suck, but others are quite worth meeting. Just don't judge us all by the first asshole you meet in the airport on a return from a business trip, talking to his fellow pseudo-awesome pretentious friend on the bluetooth in his ear, while apparently lacking in any social filter...

We don't like him either

Me: Phoenix.

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