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Default Opinions please

Ok I am mono. I met my partner who is poly. I am fine with this. Really I promise However recently (we've been seeing each other for about 6 months) his gf would like to meet me. She is poly, has been for a long time, and is actually very nice. I knew from the very beginning they were together, and have respected that, so it wasn't an issue. I didn't ask about them and frankly expected the same.

I don't want to meet her. Not because I don't like her (we spoke in early stages of this relationship), but I feel blind sided almost. I'm not poly, I don't want to be poly. I have never asked him to be mono with only me. Up until this point I didn't even bring her up. I almost feel like I'm being forced to be ok with this meeting.

Ugh I don't know. I'm trying to be open minded about things. I feel like it will be harder for me to handle if say I see them kiss or embrace I don't know this is all new and I don't feel like I am being heard when I express my concerns.
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