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hmmmm..I understand you see the FWB ending in mere friendship. But why does that have to end, or is it just in this case?

An FWB...can be something truly intimate and long term. Its range is pretty massive and its meaning can be pretty vague.

I read a lot, and take this as conjecture as I suck at fluidity...relationships can be very fluid, especially in poly. The slide in an out and move around the core context of love between people. I find it fascinating and an FWB can fit in there as well (obviously if there is love with an FWB...)

anyways, just my babbling and musing. I find it an interesting topic. Especially considering how many people have so many different definitions of what an FWB is.

I guess the short of it, in poly, why do you need to ever lose the FWB...unless of course the FWB is mono?

As for handling term limited relationships. Well, in my experience. I suck at them. I have a hard time entering into relationships when I can see an end. I end up focusing too much on the end and not having fun. In my case, I can learn,..I have before and I am not, but I am not sure I would care to enter into a term limited relationship. It is one of the few relationship styles I might just avoid haha..

to put that into perspective, I used to say the same about long distance too. Apparently I am not good at holding to my own rules anyways.
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