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Very interesting responses. Thank you - It's nice to have some anecdotal stories from you...and inward views. It can be weird when you only hear things from the outside !

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
FYI-I've also heard it said that it's fairly disrespectful to refer to the US as "America" as it discludes Canadians & Mexican's (who are in Northern America and therefore American's as well). Do'nt know how our Canadian buddies on this board feel-but thought I'd mention it.
Thanks for pointing that out. It's a common abbreviation used in conversation by non-US peoples in my experience.
It's good to learn that abbreviation actually has negative or disrespectful tones to it. This is exactly the cultural learning I was after. Yay !
Sorry. I certainly don't mean any disrespect.

Is there a feeling in the US that the GFC may change values ? I know so many people there have been hurt by it, and continue to be so.
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