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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

update: he came and got his stuff and her dad took her out. He came back for more stuff and she was their.... he just came right in and was angry and self righteous. She hid in her room while her roommate dealt with him. His anger was more around not having a place to live than anything else... there is still stuff there and now she is left wondering if he will show up again, or what she should do with it. I haven't heard what her plan is.
She should:
  1. change the locks
  2. notify the police that she is evicting her abusive former lover
  3. inform her former partner that the locks have been changed
  4. inform him that he will have to arrange a time that is convenient for her to pick up the remainder of his things, and that he must pick up ALL his things within a certain period
  5. have the police on hand when he does come for the rest of his stuff

This course of action sends a clear message that she is now in control of her home, and that his behaviour will no longer be tolerated. Also, having the authorities on hand when he comes to get his things will put an end to any shenanigans.
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