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Among the many, or at least the several, dreams I had as a child was the dream of one day becoming an archaeologist. That never did happen. I can't say that I regret that it never happened. Other dreams captured me. Or too many dreams. Too many roads forking in too many directions.... Some roads fell off cliffs. Its a long story.

But the part of me that would have grown into an archaologist is having a good time getting acquainted with the Anasazi, or ancestral pueblo people of the American Southwest. It's not a very long drive from my tiny Santa Fe apartment to several of the Southwest's most important Anasazi sites. I've spent time at several, over the years. And there is good hiking and camping near each of them. Kevin and I are planning a backpacking trip into Bandalier National Park/Monument soon. We'll travel light, with our new and very cool water filter -- so will depend on water found along the trail, and won't be packing much of it in. That means following the river/s. (A small creek gets called "river" in New Mexico. A mud puddle may qualify as a "lake," for all I know.)

Anyway, I just purchased a book about the Anasazi, "House of Rain". I thought I'd tell you about it. -- I'm diving into it now. I'll share some of what I learn.
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