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Default How does writing on this forum affect your relationships?

Good thread, Mono!

I find myself putting things in black and white, narrative confessional form, or just sort of yelling out into the Universe at all of you. I have told lots of people about this site. I don't really know who's reading and am not too worried about it. Feels good to hear and tell stories.

For me, there is always a conversation following any post that Charlie, CF, or I make. We write road maps for each other in our questions and reporting, sharing with you and each other, and it makes it easier to talk about things and focus. The feedback from others takes off the pressure and backs down our egos. Great way to start a conversation and a bounty of good information.

One positive/negative yin-yang aspect is that the three of us are all fantastic writers. We are the dreaded creative types. We get carried away with the spirit. We can accelerate from random to grandiose in the time it takes to craft a daring sentence with intriguing verbs.

Sometimes this results in misunderstandings or a feeling of being obligated to respond, and write to the others' posts, like an artistic collaboration. This leads us ahead of ourselves sometimes. It reveals the epiphany without having done the work.

"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
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I love Catfish and Charlie.

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