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Originally Posted by Aesthareon View Post
I'm amused at how much this thread evolved in 24 hours. :P

Thank you guys though. I'm glad to have some input, and more than that, people who can actually understands how I'm feeling right now.

That's not quite the kind of torture I enjoy... I like the last part though. :P

I guess I should update a bit. Today was... difficult. To be honest, it's only been 48 hours since this all started - I have no idea how it suddenly became so complicated so fast. But anyway. I pretty much had a 7 hour long panic attack today, from a combination of school, worry and guilt about my feelings, and a friend of mine's impending planned suicide. >.<
After school, the boy (He needs a fake name so I can stop calling him "the boy"... how about Elliot, it's somewhat close to his real name but not too close) came to see about taking courses from my school, (I'm in community college) and we ended up talking over coffee. My boyfriend (I'll call him Aiden, it's his online name) started texting me, and got a little angry finding out he was with me. We sorted that out though, and have decided me and Elliot won't be hanging out anytime soon, at least until we've figured something out.
Things got better for the rest of the day though, me and Aiden managed to get the subject of our conversations off of "but what if you decide you like him better than me or he's a better lover or something?!?!?!?" and managed to have some fun together online. I really do think we're going to get through this one way or another. And it's not my ideal, but I would be willing to be monogamous if he were to decide he was really uncomfortable with it.
Anyway, that was quite long. TL;DR both of us had a bit of a rough day but I think we can survive.
Wow can i ever relate.

Mostly to your last bit. About being monogamous if required, but it really not being the ideal for me.

i don't have any answers but i'm really going with the idea of moving at the rate of the slowest/least comfortable one. At least for now.

Sometimes, i'll admit, this all seems too good to actually be true, too awesome to actually work...

But i want it to work.
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