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I'm realizing that the biggest change so far is an increased sense of forthrightness between greeneyes and myself. I have always endeveavored to deal with her in the most honest way, but there's just not time in the day for "the whole truth" of life, so by neccessity we pick and choose what to say and what doesn't need to be said.

I'm realizing that certain things that fell in the "doesn't need to be said" category were ending up there because I was just uncomfortable talking about them, and I think I was using "not enough time" as an excuse to avoid opening up about certain topics.

Last night I went out with friends while greeneyes wanted to stay home and spend some time with her art. I ran into a young lady (as in "too young for me") at the bar who I know. Although I have suspected at other times that she may have some attraction to me, I've never seen fit to mention it. Now that greeneyes and I have become open to discussing our sexuality in all senses, I was able to share my suspicions with greeneyes last night. I was glad to see that I could share it as a suspicion, she heard me, and then that was pretty much it. She didn't seem distraught or suspicious that there was something more to what I was saying than exactly that =-)

I know there have been some tears, but so far I think we're both happier =-)
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