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Default Waves from the Nature Coast of FL.... Local-ish resource for you.

The PolyTampa group meets on the third Sunday of every month from 7-9 pm,
at TGI Friday's, 2501 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33612. This is across from the east end of University Square Mall. Food service starts at 6:30.

Meetings are held on the third Sunday of every month from 7-9 pm, barring a holiday, in which case they will be the following Sunday.

You are not alone... There are some poly resources/groups in the Orlando area... I just don't hang out with them, and don't know them (feel free to add those... Joreth?)

I'm relatively new to this... but seem to be a quick study. Discussing this intellectually is fine, but there needs to be a discussion emotionally also.
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