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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
How do you go about being the best primary?
I don't, its my biggest weakness. I have a lot of problems with protecting myself, being good to myself or sometimes even loving myself.

What are your goals for yourself?
Right now...this instant...

To not drink
To heal my broken heart
To ... well something to do with love. No idea right now, my brain is fried. I am not sure what I expect for the love concept. I just know, I need to figure this shit out.
To become a work a holic so I don't need to think about number 2 or 3. (ok this is sarcasm)

What do you do to forgive yourself and allow yourself to just be who you are, flawed and raw and human?
I am perfectly willing to admit I am flawed and human. I rarely forgive myself.

How do you balance who you are with what is expected and what you have promised? comment

How do you go about forgiving others for the very same humanness?
Forgiving others is easy. They aren't me.

It is really that simple.
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