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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I think it is very important to strive for forgiveness within ourselves but this is hypocritical of me. I am no where near ready to forgive my screw ups. I have instead learned to embrace guilt as an integral part of my being. Yes it's a cop out, like lifting your arms up and sinking into the water but I have found comfort in it's constant presence.

What is the impact of external forgiveness on our internal ability to let go of these negative thoughts? Is it important or a part of the process? If so, what do we do to achieve that?

So many questions that I am curious to hear about from others.

Nice thread Lilo
As with holding on to anything I think we need to ask ourselves, "how is this serving me and what would I have to face if I let it go?"

I had a naughty cheating past and I think part of me being able to let go of my mono mantel is being able to forgive myself but also trust that I can be freer and still hold onto what I have with Z and my integrity.
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